What is the Sunday morning schedule at Trinity Church?


We have Christian formation (Sunday School) for children and adults at 10 AM, and worship at 11 AM on Sundays. There are no Sunday School classes during the summer months of June, July, and August.

Is there a nursery for young children?


We offer a nursery for children up to the age of five during Sunday School and worship on Sunday.

How do I become a member of Trinity Church?


There are two categories of membership in the Episcopal Church: Baptized Member and Confirmed Communicant.


Any person baptized in any Christian denomination may be a Baptized Member. All you need to do is ask the priest to enter your name in the church register. A Baptized Member may participate fully in the life and worship of the congregation, but may not hold elective office in the church.


A Confirmed Communicant has made a public profession of faith in the presence of the bishop, the spiritual leader of all of the Episcopal churches in Oklahoma, and has had the laying-on of hands and prayer to enable that person to continue in the belief and practice of Christianity as our church understands those beliefs and practices. A confirmed communicant may hold elective office in the congregation.

How is Trinity Church governed?


Trinity Church is a Mission Church and its governing body is the Bishop's Committee, which consists of the priest and eight other persons. The Senior Warden is the chief lay officer of the church. The Junior Warden is responsible for buildings and grounds. The Secretary of the Bishop's Committee keeps minutes of the meetings. The Treasurer maintains and supervises the church’s funds. The Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by the Bishop's Committee, and have voice but not vote at meetings. All other members are elected for a two-year term.


The Annual Meeting of the Congregation is generally held in the first few weeks of the calendar year. Reports of the previous year’s activities are presented, a budget is approved, and Bishop's Committee members are elected.


Trinity is a congregation of the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma, under the authority of the Bishop of Oklahoma. The Diocesan Convention meets annually, and representatives of the 65 congregations across the state gather to set policy.


The Episcopal Church consists of 110 dioceses in the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. The chief officer and spokesperson for the Episcopal Church is the Presiding Bishop, elected for a nine-year term. The General Convention of the Episcopal Church meets every three years, and sets policy and budget for the Church as a whole.

What are the beliefs and teachings of the Episcopal Church?
The basic sources of belief and practice in the Episcopal Church are Scripture, Tradition, and Reason. All three of these, in a balance, inform what we believe and what we do. Within that balance, there is a great diversity of belief, practice, and opinion. Our tradition values the act of common worship more highly than uniformity of belief; church members can have very different views, but still worship together.


For more detailed information on the teachings of the Episcopal Church, see www.bcponline.org, and click on “The Catechism” in the menu on the left side of the page.

How can I arrange a baptism, wedding or funeral at Trinity Church?

All of these are in consultation with Trinity’s priest. See the contact information on this website to get in touch with Father Borrego.